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This is the OLD website for oCUBE. Please visit our new site for the most recent information, UnConference Registration, etc.: [WWW]

What is oCUBE?

We are a new community: Ontario Consortium of Undergraduate Biology Educators (oCUBE) - Advancing the Quality of Undergraduate Biology Education in Ontario Universities. We are all involved in Undergraduate Biology education in Ontario universities, and interested in sharing best practises with others who are passionate about teaching.

oCUBE UnConferences

The 2015 UnConference is now being planned: May 2015 UnConference

What do you suppose will happen if a group of witty people, all of whom are passionate about university biology education, get together for a couple of days in a lovely natural setting with no predetermined agenda? One of the current objectives of oCUBE is to arrange [WWW]unconferences to explore topics our members are most interested in at any given time. Visit Our UnConferences for more information on current and past oCUBE unconferences. Think this sounds interesting? Here is what Dr. Craig Nelson (Professor Emeritus, Indiana University) said after attending our 2011 UnConference:

"It was a distinct pleasure to participate in the second annual un-Conference of the Ontario Consortium of Undergraduate Biology Educators (oCUBE). I was impressed with the strategy used in the un-conference of letting the agenda emerge from the current interests of the participants. This seemed to me to be an important part of one of the primary functions of the group: providing a key social support system for the biologists who are trying most strongly to implement and improve upon state of the art approaches to teaching. Such social support is essential to all academic efforts. (Meetings of individuals working with turtles were important in energizing my lab in earlier days). oCUBE is an initiative that is especially likely to help make major differences in the quality of undergraduate biology education in Ontario and is a model of what needs to be developed elsewhere."

oCUBE - Advancing the Quality of Undergraduate Biology Education in Ontario Universities

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